Bio- DJ Souray

DJ Souray, is a self-described "man of many different hats." A formal trained DJ/Producer, graduated from United DJ Mixing School in Melbourne, He is also a professional web and graphic designer. Known to many as the guy who created the most advanced 3D graffiti and was chosen as the winner of GP2 an international graffiti contest, after that he created one of the biggest social network for street art and graffiti nowadays. His graffiti artworks have been featured in many famous websites, computer and mobile games. DJ Souray also researching Vision Science, a study field about understanding human vision, and its relation to cognition, action and the brain. In 2012 he was chosen as top 10 Op artists worldwide by for submission of two research works "Viewing Angle Illusion" "and Zigzag Way Illusion" to the anual international contest hosted at Naple Florida. He is currently a big contributer for many optical illusion websites such as and Some of his best optical illusion artworks were published in a book called "eyes exceptional". In 2014 he signed with Melody Garden recording Label and release his first single "Time travelling" ft. Maxxael.


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