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Interviewed on Newopticalillusions.com

Here is my interview on one of the most popular optical illusion art website.

We at newopticalillusions.com are thankful to Mr Anh Pham for giving us his precious time. Anh Pham has been a regular contributor of creative Optical Illusions to this site.

anh interviewName – Anh Pham

Location - Brisbane, Australia

A word that describes you best?
Friendly and Funny. :p I love making new friends and having fun, hang out with them.

What do you like most about yourself?
Its hard to say but the thing I like most about myself is that I have a strong spirit. I always work hard till I get what I want. To do all kind of illusions I have to spend months in studying softwares and computing languages. I also have to indulge myself in research.

How did you find newopticalillusions.com?
Thanks to google. :)

When did you made you first Illusion?
When I was in high school. One day, few years ago, when I was visiting an exhibition in a modern art gallery at Brisbane. when I looked at an op art picture (its impossible shape) ,I thought I could do better than that. While coming back home in bus, I created my first illusion and named it as an impossible object.

What motivates you to create these illusions?
I spend few hours per day to make illusions and I hope people enjoy my art. Sharing art gives immense happiness to artists. I feel extremely satisfied and happy when I get good compliments from people all over the world.

Please tell us a little about your latest project?
My latest project is Gravity Illusion. It is a short illusion video which combines magic, optical illusion, and mind trick.

How much time do you spend daily in creating Illusions?
Normally I spend 2 hours per day in creating illusions.

What would you say to others who are interested in making similar Illusions?
Op art is an interesting field, it requires reactive mind. And the illusions are just cool when illusion in it really works. If you can create a new kind of illusion it is very good but if you are experimenting with old illusions just think about how can you modify them so much that they become more creative and attractive then the old ones.

Any message for the visitors of newopticalillusions.com?
I hope people will understand more about this art. Illusions are a combination of art and science. People need to understand that this is not merely for fun as it includes science which helps scientists in conducting research about human mind, perception, cognition and neurology.

I feel very lucky that I can share my arts on newopticalillusions.com. I greatly appreciate the team who created this great website where people can share arts and communicate with each other.

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